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Skincare Routine | Acne Rosacea

Today I'm going to talk about my beauty routine but first, let's take a look to my skin condition a few years ago... it wasn't good. My skin was red with breakouts and pimples, especially on my cheeks but it was not extremely oily nor extremely dry but it was dehydrated. I was always suggested to try some acne cream that was going to work magically on my skin but I didn't see huge differences. They would disappear and appear again a week later in the same place or disappear after a few weeks. I even tried a gluten-free and dairy-free diet for a few months. I saw some changes but they always came back. One day, I found out in the Internet that I could have acne rosacea. My cheeks were always red and BURNT when there was an extreme change of temperature. Also, I always had some allergic reaction to some creams which I thought that it was because I had very sensitive skin which was true but it was also due to the rosacea. There is a type of rosacea that it looks as if yo…

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