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TRAVEL | Barcelona photo diary

Let's pretend we're dancing in the streets of Barcelona 🎵

Ed Sheeran loves Barcelona, everyone I know loves Barcelona, and what about me? I think Barcelona is a beautiful city and I love its modernist traits but it didn't win my heart as it did with other people. However, I was amazed by the architecture and how beautiful the buildings were. Walking down Paseo de GrĂ cia, I could see all the designer stores that I cannot find in my own city and this was such a big moment for me, screaming CHANEL! DIOR! CARTIER! I'm sure people thought I was crazy, but I was just dazzled by all the glamorous stores.  I was also curious to visit La Sagrada Familia which I only saw from the outside a long time ago... and it has changed a lot since then since it is still under construction. The inside was incredible. The effect of the light on the colored windows was truly magical. It didn't look like an actual church.  If you want to get panoramic pictures go to Bunkers, Museo Naciona…

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